What features does it have?

ANSWER: Please refer to the NX-Nardcotix David Mesh Body page.

Is it Omega Compatible?

ANSWER: It is compatible for Skins and Tattoo Layers. Please refer to the NX-Nardcotix David Mesh Body page for further information.

Is it compatible with Bento hands?

ANSWER:  Yes it is. It includes 6 different poses, has automatic pose syncing and is compatible with third party AOs.

Is it compatible with SLINK hands and feet?

ANSWER:  It is not compatible with SLINK hands, however there is the option to have SLINK fit for the feet.

Is it compatible with mesh heads like TMP and Catwa?

ANSWER:  David is optimized to fit the standard SL avatar head and thus any head that is optimized to fit the standard SL avatar neck will work great with David. Catwa works really well.

I am wearing my omega skin, on my head and body, why do I see a difference between the head and the neck?

ANSWER:  Make sure the tint of the skin is white. Check that the skin button is selected in the skin tab of the HUD and that the numbers in the pick color area read H:0 S:0 L:100. If you still see a difference, it could be a number of other factors like windlight settings, material differences between the mesh head and the body, tinting, etc. We cannot guarantee that the fit will be completely seamless due to the differences between other creators’ meshes and our own, those factors are beyond our control and we can only recommend what we know works best.

What clothing can I wear with this body?

ANSWER:  Since David is about the same size of the standard SL avatar, regular system clothes should work. The medium size fits best with some shape adjustments. We cannot guarantee the fit of any clothing or sizes that is currently available.

None of the clothes I have fit, can I have a refund?

ANSWER:  Since David is a non-transferable item, we do not issue refunds unless there is a double purchase. We have provided all the information with all the features that are included and a free 100% functional demo. We are not responsible if you assume certain features are included, do not read the information provided or take the time to test the demo, clothing, skins, heads etc.

Can I use my normal avatar shape or do I need to use a specific shape?

ANSWER:  A starter shape is included in the package, however you should be able to use any shape you want since it is optimized so that the sliders affect the mesh similarly as they would the standard SL avatar.

Can you change the shape of the arms, pecs, etc.?

ANSWER:  No. David is intended to be different and have the shape that it has. There are other options for mesh bodies available. If David doesn’t fulfill your personal taste this body is not for you.

Do you take suggestions and feedback?

ANSWER:  Only if it is something that will benefit everyone who uses David, not just the personal preferences of a single individual.

Why do my Bento Hands stay with the same position and not moving?

ANSWER:  The standard HUD default is for the poses to change manually. There is a button to turn on the automatic poses syncing on or off.

Why are my Bento Hands not working?

ANSWER:  In order for Bento hands to work, it is necessary to use an AO that includes Bento enabled animations. Bento animations control the fingers of the hands the same way a regular animation would control the body. If no Bento static pose or animation enabled, the hands will stay in the SL standard hand position.

Are you doing updates, when can we expect an update?

ANSWER:  While we are always working on ways to improve our products, any updates and changes we make on David will always take a period of a few weeks or even months depending on the update. Whenever we have them ready we will announce it and those who already own it will get it automatically.

Why do I keep getting updates?

ANSWER:  You need to make sure you open and wear the new body inside the package otherwise it will keep delivering a new copy.

How do I know if I am wearing the latest update?

ANSWER:  The current version of NX-Nardcotix David Mesh Body is 1.2.6. You can see the version you are wearing on the body and the HUD.

I just got my new update, why are my omega appliers not working?

ANSWER:  With each new update, it is a new mesh object, you simply need to re-activate your omega system kit.

Does this body offer auto hide?

ANSWER:  Yes it does.

Do you work with a team of designers, who makes your textures, rigging meshing, etc.?

ANSWER:  I do not work with a team of designers. I do all of my own meshing, textures, rigging, etc.

Do you make your own scripts?

ANSWER:  No. I work with a very good scripter.

Do you do custom work?


Are you looking for bloggers?

ANSWER:  We are not currently looking for bloggers.

Will you offer skin and tattoo applier Developer Kits?

ANSWER:  Yes, the applier developer kit is available at our new permanent location.

Will you offer mesh shoes and clothing developer kits?

ANSWER:  Yes, please refer to the Developers page for more information or apply here: NX-Nardcotix Mesh Developer Kits Application


** This page is subject to change as we see fit at any time for any reason.