NX-Nardcotix News and New location

You can’t keep a good girl down. With the sticktoitiveness that few possess, Nardya Rousselot has once again set up her main store. The new location can be found in the Reek sim, http://slurl.com/secondlife/Reek/211/85/662 Though small in comparison to her main stores in the past, the new NX-Nardcotix location has all the best of NX footwear in open and closed toe styles.

Those of us who know Nardya, though, know that tiny shoe box will not be enough to contain her flamboyant grandeur that seems to be one of her trademarks. A larger main store is on the drawing board, but Nardya assures us that the location will still be somewhere within the Reek sim where the current main store is located.

Visiting the new main store at Reek has some other benefits as well. NX-Nardcotix is currently offering a 40% discount on all but the newest addition to her amazing shoe collection. This 40% discount extends, not only to the closed toe variety, but to the previously released Mana line as well.

Photo by Keira Seerose

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